83 Students Will Study Bitcoin Development During the Summer

According to information obtained by Thecryptoscope, a new initiative is being developed to assist university students to learn more about Bitcoin and its evolution.

Summer of Bitcoin 2022 is now officially launched as a new program with 29 open-source bitcoin projects, mentored by 60 open-source bitcoin developers and designers who have already selected their students.

The program initially had 20317 applications, but only 83 students were admitted, or 0.4% of the applicants. 9 students out of the 83 chosen will contribute to the open-source bitcoin design, while 74 will contribute code.

Summer of Bitcoin 2022 sent out a tweet about the news from their official account.

In another tweet, they said that Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, was one of the sponsors along with Spiral, Ledger, Marathon, and others. As stated in the release, upon completion of the project, each student will get the equivalent of $3000 in Bitcoin.

Students from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Italy, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, Poland, and 15 other countries were chosen.

Each of the 83 students will be assigned a mentor with whom they will begin organizing their projects and milestones. During the first few weeks, students will get familiar with their mentor, participate in the open-source community for the project, and complete their project ideas. The work will start on May 23 and continue throughout the summer until August 15.

The initiative will also use the knowledge and ideas of students to grow Bitcoin and improve the crypto sector as a whole.

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