A man who stole $3 million in cryptocurrency from a woman was caught.

Zhang Tianzhe was caught after he tried to rob someone and stole crypto assets worth $3 million. The man broke into a California home, tied the woman up with duct tape, and told her she had to give him millions of dollars from her bank account.

Zhang, who is 31 years old, wore ski goggles, gloves, and a hood when he broke in. The woman was threatened with a knife and told what to do by an iPad that Zhang had around his neck.

The March break-in was thought to have been done in secret after Zhang ran away to Taiwan. But ever since the break-in, American police have been trying to find him. In the end, they took a plane to Taiwan to catch him

Zhang was taken into custody in Taiwan. He had $8,000 in cash, a tablet, a laptop, crypto wallets, and more evidence of the crime with him. He has been taken to San Francisco, where he will be charged with first-degree residential burglary, kidnapping for ransom, and criminal threats.

As more people use cryptocurrencies, thieves are trying to get their hands on them because they think it will be hard for the police to track them. As the number of people who use crypto grows, so does the number of scams involving crypto.

In the last year, more than $1 billion was lost to cryptocurrency scams, according to a report from the FTC. Crypto investors say that the only way to avoid falling for these kinds of scams is to stay informed. “Do Your Own Research (DYOR) is just as important before putting money into a project.”

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