A Twitter influencer posts a lengthy thread of investment advice.

The crypto bear market presents investors with a learning opportunity as well as an opportunity to explore and select enterprises with high utility. One crypto influencer on Twitter, @cryptomanran, wrote many conversations about how the crypto community should embrace the current bear market.

First, he tells his followers that they must “accept the fact that the bear market will last much longer” than they thought, and he tells them to stop looking at prices on the screen all the time.

Next, @cryptomanran says that Twitter should only be used to see if the bearish mood is low enough to start buying again. He says, “Twitter is an echo chamber for the sentiment of the masses.”

The fourth piece of advice from @cryptomanran is to focus on fundamentals, emphasizing the need to “identify projects in your target narratives that are well-funded, building, and shipping through the bear market.” Next, he instructs his followers, “Get out of any poorly funded endeavor.”

The sixth and seventh items on @cryptomanran’s list are removing your coins from exchanges and blocking the noise. He also says that the way the cryptocurrency market is right now is the best time to learn as much as possible without being overwhelmed by hype and fear of missing out (FOMO).

According to the Twitter influencer, crypto investors should now only consider fully-diluted prices. At this moment, investors should purchase as much crypto as possible and diversify their portfolios.

@cryptomanran concludes that the current market will “CERTAINLY PASS.” Investors should not exit the market with the notion that they could have purchased more.

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