ADA is the top pick among investors in this down market.

A recent poll sponsored on Twitter by crypto Twitter member @paulbarron demonstrates how crypto investors are hoping to take advantage of the present downturn in order to acquire more Cardano (ADA). The poll included AVAX, ADA, HBAR, and SOL as options and asked, “What are your #altcoin selections for grabbing up on this bottom?”

Over 6,000 consumers voted in the poll, with 89.2 percent saying they would buy more ADA during this slump. AVAX is the second most popular option, receiving 3.9 percent of the vote. Following AVAX are SOL, with 3.7 percent of the vote, and HBAR, with only 3.3 percent of the vote.

Although the poll represents a small sample of the crypto community, it provides a solid indication of investor opinion toward the Cardano Network and its native ADA token. It shows that investors and the whole crypto community are still bullish on ADA even though the market is going down.

One likely explanation is the Cardano team’s ongoing work on the main network. The Cardano team has increased its development efforts at a time when the rest of the crypto projects have slowed their development pace.

The most anticipated Cardano Network upgrade, the Vasil hard fork, is proof of this. The hard fork is likely to become live in the coming weeks. This upgrade will dramatically boost the Cardano Network’s throughput, allowing it to scale.

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