Arts: “The Ethernal Gates” to the Metaverse Opened by DAO and Kristel Bechara

The Arts DAO is thought to be the largest web3 and NFT community in MENA. To make their first NFT drop, The Ethernal Gates, they worked with award-winning NFT artist Kristel Bechara from the region. taking off at 7 p.m. on June 5, 2022. About 2,000 NFTs priced from 0.49 ETH will be in this collection (USD 1,000).

When you buy an Ethernal Gate NFT, you become a member of Arts DAO, a community-run by a committee of NFT experts, curators, and investors who want the value of NFTs to go up while giving members rewards in the form of quarterly returns on NFTs.

Members of the community can attend exclusive NFT events across MENA Arts DAO, and they can also vote on things like the social activities of the community and the NFT artists that DAO plans to feature in the future.

The co-founder and CEO of Arts DAO, Anas Bhurtun, said:

The UAE is home to one of the strongest and largest NFT communities in the world. This is because Dubai has positioned itself as a crypto hub and attracted a lot of young, like-minded people who are passionate about Web3.

He also talked about how important this collection was to the Arts DAO community, which grew when a group of NFT collectors with similar tastes got together every month. Because of this, the “Gates” in the name of this collection of generative art pieces sounds like the entrance to the Arts DAO’s metaverse.

Kristel Bechara, who won the 2018 UAE Resident Artist Award, said of the collection, “The (Eternal) gates are my recreations of famous gates and doors from fiction and history, and the black-and-white props are inspired by the colorful language used in the crypto world.”

This project is very important to me because it’s my first generative NFT art series, and I’m excited to work with Arts DAO on it.

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