Avalanche is willing to take ApeCoin from Ethereum.

On May 25, Avalanche posted a pitch on the ApeCoin forums about turning “Otherside” into an Avalanche Subnet. At the time of writing, 2.7k people have looked at the topic, 50 have liked it, and 26 have voted. Users were split on whether to launch Otherside on an Avalanche Subnet or to stick with Ethereum. After seven days, the topic will end on its own.

According to the forum post, Avalanche’s proposal is as follows: “We propose that ApeCoin DAO launch Otherside on an Avalanche Subnet to support Otherside’s future community growth through faster transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale, and lower gas fees.”

Ava Labs helps the most ambitious teams in crypto build subnets for hundreds of applications. The ApeCoin community deserves the best technology and engineering support available in the Web3 space. We want you to help us build.

Kevin Sekniqi, co-founder and COO of Ava Labs, told a reliable source about the pitch, “We’ve had some early talks with [ApeCoin DAO] about subnets, and we’ve got our pitch ready to go.” We all saw it with the land sale: NFT ecosystems needed to be in an environment where they could grow.

The idea of making Otherside an Avalanche Subnet came about because of the mess with Ethereum’s Otherdeed NFT minting. The sale of land in the Otherside metaverse ended up costing investors more than $100 million in transaction fees, and many of those deals failed.

Because there were problems with the minting, Yuga Labs’ official Twitter account sent out a thread about the problem. Yuga Labs said that the huge size of the mint was because its NFT collection was in high demand, which caused Etherscan to crash. The thread also talked about how ApeCoin will need to move to its own chain to stop problems like this from happening again.

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