Best Web3.0 Crypto Projects to Buy for July 2022

The Web3.0 is coming and it’s bringing a whole lot of promise to the world. In this article, I will be listing some of the best projects to buy for July 2022. This will be a short list of the top Web3.0 crypto projects that are worth your time and money.

The best web3.0 crypto projects to buy for July 2022 are mainly focused on blockchain platforms and decentralized apps. The projects listed in this article are all ICOs that have either just finished, are just about to finish, or are in the process of finishing. These projects have the potential to be successful and make a lot of money. The projects listed are all over the board, so there is something for everyone.

What is the Web3.0?

Web3.0 is a term used to describe the third generation of internet. It is a term that was coined by Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin. Web3.0 is the next generation of internet and it is a lot different from the old internet. The old internet was centralized and used to be controlled by a few big companies. However, with the new web3.0, the internet has shifted to a more decentralized platform. It’s now controlled by the users and not by a single company.

10 Top Web3.0 Projects to buy for 2022

The following are the top Web3.0 projects to buy for July 2022. 1. Chromia (CHR) 2. Basic Attention Token 3. Vechain 4. Tron 5. Dfinity 6. Bancor 7. ICON 8. OmiseGO 9. Kyber Network 10. Komodo 11. Zilliqa 12. Loom Network 13. Zcoin 14. Storj 15. Electroneum 16. Kin 17. Enigma 18. Enjin 19. Decentraland 20. Decentralized Identity 21. Ethereum 22. NEO 23. Monero 24. DASH 25. TRON 26. IOTA 27. Ethereum Classic 28. NEM 29. QTUM 30. Qtum 31. Bitcoin 32. Litecoin 33. Ripple 34. Verge 35. Zcash 36. Bitcoin Gold 37. Bitcoin Diamond

10 top best web3.0 Projects to buy july 2022

1. Chromia (CHR)

Chromia is a blockchain platform that wants to make it easy for people to build decentralized apps in the real world, for a better world. In this blog, you can find out more about the Chromia platform and how it can help with the future of decentralized apps.

Circulating Supply567,369,439.00 CHR (57%)
Max Supply1,000,000,000
Total Supply471,970,667
  • Confirmation time: ~1 second (necessary for good UX, real-time user interactivity…)
  • Transaction rate: >500 TPS per sidechain. Overall rate in the whole system is unlimited.
  • IO capacity: >100k updates and reads per second
  • Shut down the application
  • Deny service to certain categories of users
  • Monetize users by violating their privacy
  • Remove functionality which is valued by users

The basic ICO token model looks roughly like this:

  1. Issue tokens.
  2. Sell tokens to investors.
  3. Do whatever you want with the money.
  1. Rell compiler and runtime environment
  2. Rell IDE: tooling which makes development easy
  3. Client SDK: allows front-end (web or mobile app) to connect and interact with Chromia.
  4. Chromia node, system chains
  5. Bitcoin & Ethereum support needed for anchoring
  6. Chroma ERC20 contract, gateway on Chromia side
  7. Auto-conversion smart contract on Ethereum

2. Render Token (RNDR)

Render Network is a platform that allows artists, designers, and developers to render their files to the cloud and generate revenue. It is also a computing platform with a decentralized market that allows creators to exchange digital assets with other creators using Render Tokens (RNT) and smart contract technology. This platform is revolutionizing the digital creation process by providing users with the ability to be paid in a fair and transparent manner.

Circulating Supply (47%)253,798,859.69 RNDR
Max Supply536,870,912
Total Supply530,962,615
  • Network Scalability
  • The Sleeping GPU Network
  • A Better Use for GPU Power
  • Digital Rights Management

3. XYO

XYO is a technology protocol that is designed to verify the validity of data. The XYO protocol is a set of rules that have been written on the blockchain, which is a distributed ledger. It is a trusted ledger that is accessible to everyone. The XYO protocol is designed to improve the certainty and value of data. It is important to note that the XYO protocol is still in development.

Circulating Supply12.84B XYO
Max Supply————
Total Supply13,960,974,963
  • Smart contract platform: Ethereum
  • Contract Type: ERC20
  • Token: XYO
  • Token Name: XYO Network Utility Token
  • Token Address: 0x55296f69f40ea6d20e478533c15a6b08b654e758
  • Total issuance: Finite and capped at the amount reached after the Token Main Sale
  • Projected XYO Token Cap: $48 Million
  • Unsold and Unallocated tokens: Burned after the token sale event. No further XYO
  • tokens will be generated after the Main Sale ends.

4. Aragon(ANT)

Aragon (ANT) In the age of blockchain and the decentralized economy, it is more important than ever to build your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). With Aragon’s ANT protocol, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars in software or have all the time in the world to build it. ANT gives all power back to the people and enables your DAO to function as a community.

Circulating Supply39,609,522.81 ANT
Max Supply——————–
Total Supply39,609,524

5. Mask Network (Musk)

Mask Network is the new open-source and distributed browser that enables users to browse the web with full anonymity. It is a fork of Tor Browser and is rewritten in C. It’s a secure, high speed mobile browser with built-in features such as proxy support and built-in identity management system. Writing this blog is a way of making my thoughts public and getting to know the opinions of others.

Circulating Supply (29%)29,130,722.72 MASK
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
  • Users could enjoy secure
  • decentralized social messaging
  •  payment networks
  • file storage
  • file sharing without leaving the mainstream social media networks

6. Litentry LIT

Litentry LIT is an e-learning app that is used by educators and instructors to facilitate virtual classrooms around the world. Litentry has just announced the release of its new version “Litentry Graph” which provides an identity graph that helps educators and instructors track down their students. Litentry Graph offers a potential new way for people to stay connected with their peers and other students.

Circulating Supply (37%)37,132,163.63 LIT
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000

7. DIA (DIA)

DIA is a universal currency for the decentralized digital economy, based on the Ethereum blockchain. DIA Token holders are the most influential stakeholders in the future of the DIA platform. They are the ones who will govern the DIA platform, validate DIA’s crowdsourced data feeds and incentivize the creator of the best marketing insights in the DIA ecosystem.

Circulating Supply (36%)72,401,614.00 DIA
Max Supply200,000,000
Total Supply175,583,746

8. Somnium Space Cubes

Somnium Space Cubes is a Social VR experience that is available for all major virtual reality PC VR headsets and some mobile. We offer the most immersive, social and interactive VR experience out there. An ideal location for your first visit to Somnium Space is at home on your computer. If you are a new user to Somnium Space, then this blog will give you a brief overview of all you need to know, including what platforms we support.

Circulating Supply (13%)12,500,000.00 CUBE
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
  • Tokenization of virtual land
  • Tokenization of digital assets and experiences
  • Decentralized marketplaces
Users are able to:
  • Own and monetize their creations. Sell their items in the open marketplaces. Be a part of the Somnium Economy.
  • Express themselves by creating, building and monetizing their land.
  • Enjoy a stunning, constantly changing, persistent Virtual Reality world which can be explored by thousands of people at the same time.
  • Tokenizing and selling their creations directly from within Somnium Space
  • Metaverse.

9. Ethereum Push Notification Service (PUSH)

Ethereum Push Notification Service: One of the biggest challenges to overcome in blockchain is to create a decentralized, trustless platform that ensures shared data security amongst all participants and guarantee the trustless nature of the system. Limiting the possibilities of the blockchain, incentivizing participants, and ensuring the trustless nature of the platform are just some advantages given by PUSH. PUSH is one of the first innovative protocols that enable the distributed exchange of information via blockchain between parties by using the Ethereum network. PUSH enables the development of brand new applications on the blockchain by providing a scalable, decentralized, and trustless platform for the creation of decentralized applications.

Circulating Supply (15%)15,287,926.00 PUSH
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
  • Exploring IPNS (DNS) [7] for IPFS as a means to form a decentralized communication system between users.
  • IPNS is a static file on IPFS that points to your website that’s hosted on IPFS.
  • We are researching ways in which we can use this to potentially form several communication point that are enabled between user to user.
  • This can lead to exciting possibilities, for example, having a chat thread on IPFS that carries with itself the previous hash (cid) and IPNS keeps on updating the latest hash as a pointer towards that chat.
  • This can also be explored to give way to possible decentralized video messaging and other exciting breakthroughs.

10. Exeedme (XED)

Exeedme (XED): Gamers have always been able to compete with other players and make some money in their favorite games, but Exeedme brings a new approach to this. Exeedme is a platform where gamers can invite players from around the world, with all skills, to compete in the games and make some money. So if you’re a gamer you can make money playing the game you love, and if you’re not a gamer you can learn how to play the game and build up your skills.

Circulating Supply (80%)79,830,975.88 XED
Max Supply100,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000
  • Seed, private and public rounds with 40% of the total token distribution
  • Ecosystem Growth reserved for marketing, awareness, partnerships and exchange listings
  • Liquidity Fund will provide funds for Uniswap and other exchanges liquidity
  • Team and Advisors with 10% of the total token distribution, Foundational Reserve with the remaining 10%

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