Binance CEO Calls Out Crypto Writer for Fake News

The co-founder of Binance, CZ, has accused the news outlet CoinGape of releasing an inaccurate story on Binance. In a tweet, the tech billionaire slammed “another false article.” It’s a sign that more people are depositing money into Binance when the cold wallet grows. ” As far as I can tell, this journalist has no idea what “cold wallets” are.

Controversial news from CoinGape states that the world’s largest crypto exchange purchased approximately 100,000 BTC tokens during this market crisis. This transaction was completed using a Bitcoin wallet with the number 44434365.Bitcoin Info Charts claims that it is a “cold storage wallet.”

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According to the author, this transaction increased the token’s liquidity on the exchange. According to the report, Coinmarketcap’s data shows that the total liquidity between the two is 874. This isn’t the first time Binance has brought BTC tokens to the dip, says the journalist. As recently as early January, the exchange had $43,000 worth of tokens in its wallet. “

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Some of the responses were: “I think they understand the principle, but they tried to make news” and “I fail to comprehend how some write-ups even pass through editorial.” A reporter from a different media site tried to capitalise on the situation by requesting that Binance follow them instead of them. Binance jumped on the bandwagon almost immediately.

CoinGape’s internal writer wrote the post titled “Binance Buys the Dip, Adds 101,266 Bitcoin.” And this is reportedly the third piece of bogus news concerning Binance that has appeared in the last few days.

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