Binance Pizza celebrations for Bitcoin Pizza Day in !

To celebrate BinancePizzaDay we gave BinancePizza🍕 away to the community

🍕 #BinancePizza celebrations for #Bitcoin Pizza Day in 🇫🇷!

As part of our #Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration, we also opened a pop-up store in Paris after Cannes! Watch this till’ the end for a cute surprise. 🐈

The owner of the Binance exchange made the pizza himself and distributed it among the people. He also liked to deliver the pizza.

The owner of the Binanceexchange opened a pizza store as a beautiful surprise to his group of people celebrating Pizza Day.

which everyone liked very much.

The community was able to meet @changpengzhao too! Thank you to everyone who visited us.

Meanwhile, our #BinancePizza challenge is still on! May 29, 2022.

You can also check out all the pictures I have taken on Instagram.

We took #BitcoinPizzaDay to the streets of France to give #BinancePizza to the community


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