Crypto mining hosts Bitriver AG and Russian banks have been banned by the US.

The United States put new rules in place on Wednesday against groups and individuals who are accused of trying to get around the Russian sanctions.

The US Treasury said that it was going to punish Switzerland-based Bitriver AG for working in the Russian technology field. The company still has three offices in Russia, even though it moved its legal ownership of its assets to Switzerland last year.

Bitriver AG was identified by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under E.O. 14024 because it worked in the technology field of Russian business.

The Treasury also named 10 more of Bitriver’s subsidiaries, saying that these mining companies help Russia sell its natural resources. The treasury says that these subsidiaries are trying to lessen the effects of economic sanctions by running huge servers that sell bitcoin all over the world.

Brian Nelson, the Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence told people not to do this:

The Treasury can and will go after people who try to evade, try to evade, or help people evade sanctions against Russia because they are supporting Putin’s brutal war of choice.

The Treasury Department is going after businesses in Russia’s virtual currency mining business. These businesses help Russia make money from its natural resources by running huge server farms that sell virtual currency mining power around the world.

Russia has a big advantage in the field of crypto mining. Mining companies get their computers and money from other countries, which makes them targets for sanctions.

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice charged a Russian bank called Transkapitalbank with violating sanctions. It’s run by Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev, along with more than 40 people and businesses led by him.

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