eBay first use of NFT was on Polygon.

The e-commerce giant is releasing its first NFT collection on Polygon. It features Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretsky.

OneOfFavorites Blockchain Polygon

On Monday, the eBay team sent out a press release to talk about the collection. This collection, which has been called “Genesis,” was made possible by a partnership with the OneOfone of the NFT marketplace. It will be made up of digitally animated 3D versions of old Sports Illustrated covers of Wayne Gretzky when he was a professional hockey player.

The one marketplace chose the Polygon blockchain instead of its usual Tezos for this collection. This move has drawn some criticism, to which Joshua James, COO of the OneOf team, said,

eBay Gets Its First Pack

The Genesis collection’s first drop is now available on eBay. It has 13 limited-edition NFT packs with different levels of uniqueness spread across four levels. The lowest green tier costs $10, and the gold, platinum, and diamond tiers cost more. The price of the most expensive NFT in the drop has been $1,500. The NFTs are digital pictures of Gretzky in different poses, and some of them have his digital signature on them.

Dawn Block, VP of Collectibles, Electronics, and Home at eBay, said this about the first drop:

Price in USD

When eBay’s CEO mentioned a possible launch of a digital wallet, the online store had already shown interest in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The Genesis collection will be eBay’s first foray into the world of tokens that can’t be used to buy other tokens. But, unlike most other NFTs, none of these pieces can be bought with cryptocurrency. On top of that, these NFTs will not be sold on-chain either. Instead, people who want to buy these tokens can do so only with US dollars through eBay’s Web2 platform. Once a purchase is made, the NFT can be downloaded from a link that will be sent to the buyer through chat and email.

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