Ready for a bullish run in April 2022: Here’s why!

An animal that has the nickname “Dogecoin Killer” has been shown to be more than just a joke coin. Shiba Inu has attracted more investors who are eager to figure out the meme coin price prediction and see what the asset will be worth in the future.

@SHIBTeam: Shib is ready for a strong rise in the coming days.

Wallet analyzer WhaleStats says that Shiba Inu is the second-largest token held by ETH Whales, behind the most popular token, Ethereum.

Shiba Inu is now in 15th place out of the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Coinmarketcap says that the meme coin sold for an average of $0.00002502 in the last 24 hours. A total of almost $60.5 million has been traded, which is a 0.5% rise.

First, SHIB looked like it was following an Adam and Eve pattern because of how its prices moved. The pattern had a V-shaped valley (Adam) and a round bottom valley (Eve) (Eve). However, this pattern stopped in February, and its second half isn’t done yet. It’s still above its demand zone, which is $0.0000235.

SHIP also reached its peak price of $0.88 at the end of October, when it made more than 75% of its value in the crypto market. This is important to note. In the first quarter of 2022, says that SHIB will likely go back up to where it was before. It will likely reach a price of $0.000084.

Because the Shiba Inu coin has become more popular, it has been used in some new and interesting ways. It has a metaverse platform called “SHIB: The Metaverse,” which has almost 100,595 land plots. A lot of people from all over the world have clicked the play button. As a result, the price of the coin will rise in the next few days because of its AAA Game Developer Studio, which is set to come out soon.

This shows that SHIB might be able to rise higher in April to make a strong bullish move.

In August 2020, Shiba Inu was being sold for $0.00000000051. However, the coin gained a lot of attention in April 2021 because it was one of the best-performing coins at that time. This was the point at which SHIB started to rise even faster than the rest of the crypto market. Before this, SHIB was thought to be one of the least valuable cryptos in the market.

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