Select Facebook users will test Ethereum and Solana NFTs.

Facebook begins to test Ethereum and Solana NFTs with a small group of users.

Facebook, which is now called Meta, has started giving NFTs to some creators in the US on its main social network. Users will be able to link their crypto wallets to their Facebook profiles if the project works and is used on a larger scale.

Testing NFTs that work with Ethereum and Polygon

Facebook will start with NFTs that work with Ethereum and Polygon. A representative from Meta said that once testing for them is done, it will also add support for NFTs based on Flow and Solana. The Product Manager at Meta, Navdeep Singh, went on Twitter to show what the NFTs will look like on Facebook. He wrote,

Users will be able to access and show off their NFTs through a “Digital Collectibles” tab on their Facebook profiles. NFTs are unique tokens on the blockchain that show ownership. Users will be able to link their cryptocurrency wallets to their Facebook profiles. They can also turn their NFTs into Facebook posts so that other users can like, react, and comment on them just like they would on a regular post.

Trying to attract Web3 fans.

Martin Bryant, a tech and media consultant, said that the argument was mostly aimed at the Web3 space and that Meta wanted to “give Web3 people a place to live.” Recently, the company started testing some changes to Facebook Groups that give them a look and feel similar to Discord.

When Instagram NFTs came out

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, said that NFTs would soon be coming to Instagram, which is a popular social media site. Zuckerberg said during a session at the “South by Southwest” event that

The founder of Meta also said that they are working on a few technical issues that need to be fixed before the process of minting goes smoothly. He had hinted that Facebook would have a similar feature, and that augmented reality NFTs would be available on Instagram stories through Spark AR.

Instagram said in a previous post that NFTs shared on the app would automatically tag both the person who made the NFT and the person who bought it. In the announcement, the company also said that there would be no cost to posting NFTs and that collectors could use their NFTs as augmented reality stickers. Adam Mosseri, who is in charge of Instagram, says that NFT features are coming because the number of creators and the creator economy on Instagram are growing. Back in May, he had said,

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