Solving Fundamental Issues Through Play-to-Earn Games

Most people have always thought that earning a living through gaming was a pipe dream. It was always just for fun, but it’s become more than a fantasy. It is rapidly becoming a reality for both gamers and non-gamers.

However, according to Reddit Co-Founder Alex Ohanian, the great majority of people will not play a game unless they are fairly rewarded for their time. Within five years, instead of being collected for ads or swindled for money to acquire apparently worthless stuff that they don’t truly possess, users will be playing some on-chain similar game that will be just as exciting.

The big distinction is that they will actually make money and function as harvesters.

Blockchain and peer-to-peer

Blockchain games are already aggressively embracing a new economic model that allows players to produce value for themselves rather than passively consume entertainment. This is known as the P2E (Play-to-Earn) idea. The ability to earn crypto while playing, as well as NFT ownership, is what makes this new type of game intriguing. P2E has already attracted over a million users, but one of the most difficult difficulties for P2E developers is identifying how to make them more accessible and appealing in order to attract a larger audience.

The high start-up costs for new players are a major barrier to the mainstream adoption of most P2E games. In certain circumstances, members must invest more than $1,000 USD to begin. Many people cannot afford to try it and consider it a risky investment.While such a significant investment might occasionally pay off in the P2E arena, many gamers are still dissatisfied after only attempting to return their initial investment.

What’s the answer?

All of this does not appear to fulfil the promise of user empowerment, which has been repeatedly emphasised as a fundamental feature of Web 3.0. Consumers, according to the OpiPets team, should not be priced out of the gaming experience or be unable to benefit from it.

OpiPets is essentially a free P2E online game in which participants are rewarded with cryptocurrency as well as the option to build, battle, obtain, and sell their own NFT OpiPet avatars. OpiPets leverages the P2E principle and focuses on giving the community true ownership of assets generated, as well as digital economies and innovative ways to make revenue.

The objective is to create a platform that allows a large number of players to play the game and collect assets. To do this, the team will seek to significantly reduce the adoption obstacles that are now preventing blockchain games from being widely available.

Concerning OpiPets

According to consumer research, few things are less tempting to consumers than being forced to go through lengthy wallet onboarding procedures, exorbitant initial charges, and a lack of fun activities. By making it free to play and requiring a wallet connection only when making a withdrawal, OpiPets makes P2E accessible to a much bigger audience.

Furthermore, the game provides a fresh take on NFTs, with genuine purpose and value. Characters in OpiPets are not just a manifestation of the player’s ideas and feelings, but also of true ownership, and with a wealth of cosmetics, skins, colours, and wearables at their disposal, players may create something personalised and unique. The theory is that by combining gaming and NFTs, mainstream crypto adoption may be hastened.

Furthermore, OpiPets has two tokens: the in-game money OPI and the governance token. Users in OpiPets may earn OPI without spending any real money, and OPI serves as the currency for all transactions in the game. Players may get more OPI by using the Opis Cloud app, which is cross-functional across all Opis Group products. By accumulating governance tokens, players may earn a stake in the game and share in the success of OpiPets alongside Opis Games.

What is the end goal?

OpiPets’ primary purpose is to put the “play” back into “Play-to-Earn.” Players can explore dungeon raids, find treasure, and create virtual businesses by purchasing a store to stock and sell in-game items.

To add to the experience, each OpiPet character was hand-drawn to ensure distinctiveness.

Simply put, if they could afford it, more individuals would be ready to give many games a try. OpiPets intends to revolutionise P2E by making both the concept and the game open to everyone, regardless of personal financial circumstances, in the same way that Maplestory abolished the financial constraints imposed by monthly subscriptions.

For more information and to examine the roadmap, go to the OpiPets official website. If you want to read their writings, follow OpiPets on Medium. Join the OpiPets community on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to become a part of the ever-growing OpiPets community.

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