The Terra Network’s (LUNA) Coinbase Cloud Service Dropped

Coinbase Cloud, the infrastructure arm of Coinbase, the biggest cryptocurrency ecosystem in the U.S., has made an important announcement for developers and businesses that want to build on the Terra (LUNA) APIs.

The Terra (LUNA) infrastructure will no longer be supported by Coinbase Cloud.

The official announcement was posted on the Twitter account for Coinbase Cloud. It says that support for Terra’s infrastructure will end.

The Coinbase Cloud team said in a statement that this decision was made after consulting with Terra’s customers and ecosystem participants (LUNA).

Also, there were rumors that the Terra (LUNA) protocol might split off into a new chain with a new minting policy and a different token comic design. The Coinbase Cloud made it clear that the “potential” new chain would not be added to its stack of nodes.

Coinbase Cloud said that customers and fans will get all the help they need to figure out “how to best roll off Terra” without causing too much trouble for business operations.

Will Terra 2.0 go live?

As U.Today has reported before, the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem crashed because of flaws in the way its LUNA/UST balance was set up and because a lot of money was pulled out of Anchor Protocol (ANC).

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