This explains the Binance Responsible Trading Program by Changpeng Zhao.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, spoke with CNBC on June 9 about leveraged goods.

A question posed to the CEO: What does Binance do to make utilising goods more accessible to those who may not be familiar with them?

Zhao went on to say that Binance only offers leveraged products in jurisdictions where it is permissible. As a result, he believes Binance is one of the only exchanges with a socially conscious trading programme.

Individuals will be asked to answer a series of questions, and those who answer incorrectly will be barred from using leveraged items. When someone loses money on a leveraged product, the trading programme also assures that person that they will not be able to trade for a predetermined period of time.

According to Zhao, people will almost surely lose money on leveraged products, and this may lead to a more stable economy if they are eliminated. After that, the CEO said he didn’t believe it was essential.

Leveraged products can be found in both the crypto and traditional markets, according to Zhao. The author says that leveraged instruments are a well-known and important financial tool that can be used to provide liquidity, find prices, and protect against risk.

The CEO was asked when this current bear market would end, but he answered that he had no idea. Although he mentioned that these cycles often occur every four years, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the same will happen in the future.

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