Transform traditional gaming into P2E. The Looter-Shooter NFT game did this.

Looking for a new idea in the NFT space for games?

There are a lot of gamified token economies clones for NFT games. Games, where you buy and sell land and build your own economy in a “metaverse”, are called “land-based” games. Because of their different art styles and assets, a lot of these games might look and feel the same.

Time Raiders is a fast-paced looter-shooter NFT game made by Utopian Game Labs and Alphabit Fund. It was made with the help of the Alphabit Fund. They are called “time raiders.” They have to fight other people and get things, like loot or resources, to win. This loot can then be used to make new items, sell them for money, or use them to improve the player’s weapons.

All of the items you find in the game are NFTs, which can be traded for Xpendium (XPND), the game’s own in-game currency. The game values these NFTs based on how rare they are and how useful they are in the game. Some NFTs open secret levels and skins, while others help you play the game better.

CEO Anthony Charlton says that Time Raiders will be the first crypto game that is made into a fun game instead of a token economy. People in both the P2E gaming space and the traditional gaming space will be interested in Charlton.

Simon Bailey, the head of Utopian Game Labs, talks about the game’s future and how excited they are about it.

Among the future plans of the Time Raiders:

  • End of April 2022: Open Beta Game Launch
  • Early Q2l 2022: NFT Pre-Sale
  • Q2 2022: Game Release
  • Q2 2022: 3rd Party NFT releases for Player “NFT Hunts”
  • Q3 2022: Multiplayer (Co-op and PvE) Beta test and public release

Following the beta launch at the end of March, we will release new interesting levels every month. They will be presented as a treasure hunt, which will lead to a frenetic chase across different eras in time, and they will be fun to play. We are making sure that every gamer has a lot of fun! A lot of people in our growing community are excited about the chance to create their own valuable content. We can’t wait to give players the power to own and make levels.

Time Raiders gives gamers a new idea of traditional gaming that works well. Looter-shooter games like Borderlands, Destiny, and Warframe have sold well because they have a great gameplay loop that keeps you playing for a long time. Utopian Game Labs shows that NFT games can also be games.

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