Cardano hard fork raises concerns among cryptocurrency users

Users of cryptocurrencies have a lot of questions about the upcoming Cardano hard fork.

The next step on the Cardano Roadmap is the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork, which aims to make the blockchain more stable and scalable. Charles Hoskinson, the person who made Cardano, said that the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork will happen on June 29, 2022.

But it seems like some Cardano users might be a little unsure about the event and have a lot of questions about how it might affect their holdings. A Twitter user with the handle “ADA Whale” replied to the community’s doubts.

In a Tweet from May 24, the user said, “Key point: Hard fork is a scary term everywhere else.” Not in Cardano, though. If you don’t pay close attention, you might not even notice. “

For clarity, a hard fork splits a single cryptocurrency into two parts, creating a new cryptocurrency with the same structure but different features and functions.

Most people don’t seem too sure about Cardano’s hard fork event, probably because these kinds of events often change the market value of an asset, making the currency very volatile.

During the time of the hard fork, many people in the crypto space made their own price predictions for Cardano, but most of them seemed to be fairly optimistic.

Some people think that the price of Cardano could go up to $0.67 in the next few weeks. Some bullish investors still think that Cardano could be worth as much as ETH on the market.

This could be very good news for people who own Cardano but are still unsure about the upcoming Cardano Vasil Hard Fork.

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